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This wiki's aim is to presents alternate rules for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game, based on the 3.5 version. It is far from being complete, though...

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What we do here[edit | edit source]

This wiki sprang into existence thanks to the will of some members of the boards to re-write the D&D3.5 classes' features. We had noticed, like many before us, that the spellcasting classes overpower the others at medium to high level, though they are a little behind them at low level. Some propositions of "balanced" classes spread out through the boards, but it lacked a real common and general work.

Though AideDD is a french board, we decided to follow the english rules and write this wiki in english. We hope to received more interest and review this way. Everybody proficient with the D&D 3.5 rules and willing to share some ideas can join us. English-speaking users could be of great use in order to ensure the redactional quality...

Ideas and purpose of AideDDHandBook

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